Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control Engineering Supervision

Beijing Boyuda Engineering Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd., established in March 2006, is a state-owned enterprise with independent legal personality under the Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation Administration of China. The company is mainly engaged in civil airport engineering, housing construction engineering, General aviation airport engineering supervision services, civil aviation air traffic control installation engineering inspection and testing, construction engineering quality testing, information consulting, technology promotion, technical training, application software and other services. Has obtained a Class A qualification certificate for aerospace engineering supervision issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development; Grade B Qualification Certificate for Housing Construction Engineering Supervision; Obtained the certificate of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system; And it has been nominated as a designated enterprise for engineering supervision by central government agencies.
The company pays attention to the construction of talent team. It has a civil aviation engineering supervision team with high comprehensive quality, solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. More than 90% of the supervision personnel have bachelor's degree or above, and have obtained medium and senior professional titles and national registered supervision engineer, national first-class registered constructor, national second-class registered Building engineer, and national registered cost engineer. These talents have accumulated strong development potential for the enterprise. The company has undertaken supervision projects for over 400 civil aviation new construction, expansion, renovation, and relocation projects nationwide, accumulating a lot of effective experience in supervising civil aviation airports and air traffic control construction projects. The service quality has been fully recognized by various construction units and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
The company has a complete management system and all systems are in place. We always adhere to operating in accordance with the law, supervising according to regulations, and providing customers with meticulous and thoughtful professional technical supervision services to ensure safety and quality. We always adhere to the code of conduct of "seriousness, scientificity, impartiality, integrity, and law-abiding", and adhere to the management goals of "fairness and law-abiding, rigorous and pragmatic, scientific management, and dedicated service". We provide reasonable supervision plans, reliable technical support, and safe and high-quality supervision services for domestic and foreign clients.