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Project Name: process installation project supervision of civil aviation Chengdu Regional Control Center
Project location: Wan'an Town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Total investment: 207790000 yuan
Project content (scale):
ATC automation system engineering, voice exchange control system engineering, data recording and playback system engineering, Ku satellite ground station engineering, integrated information display system engineering, automatic pre-processing system engineering, ATC communication centralized monitoring system engineering, ATM secondary node communication engineering, program-controlled exchange engineering, SDH transmission and multi service access platform engineering, UPS process power Distribution Engineering , multi radar signal connection and control coordination handover networking project, training simulation system project, process lightning protection grounding project, district management supporting remote control station project (including district management of local VHF station, relocation of pae16 channel VHF receiving station, Guangyuan radar station, Panzhihua airport, Kunming dajianshan, Zhaotong radar station, Lijiang Airport, Banna airport, Wenshan airport, Chongqing Lei There are totally 10 VHF remote control stations (including antenna tower) in Dazhang station, Guiyang radar station and Guizhou Zhenyuan station, VHF signal comparison and selection system project, relevant equipment old relocation project, etc.

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